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Line of Cooking Equipment

Kyowa Offers variety of cooking equipment from AIHO manual/automated rice cooker, IH fryer to super steamer. These products are proven and is widely used in RTE centralized kitchen especially in Asia.

AIHO Rice Cooking System

The industrial rice cooker is designed to cook huge capacity of cooked rice from 280kg/hr. to 1340kg/hr. It can be semi-auto or fully auto un-manned system. AIHO series of RICE-FRIEND is the solution to cook large volume of rice with consistent quality. All processes from rice silo to rice washing/soaking, cooking and post cooking are systemized, customized to user requirement using delicate controls to maximize the heat and water usage.

cabinet type rice cooker

The SHARI-PRO is a cabinet type rice cooker designed for small business and those with limited floor space. The machine can handle diversified modes of cooking from plain rice, porridge to basmati rice, etc with even cooking. Machine comes with double wall protection to reduce radiant heat.

IKC Rotary-Pan Auto fryers

IKC Induction heating fryer encompassed advanced technologies to deliver optimum taste, texture and nutrition in the cooking process, while saving on manpower. The concept of ‘WOK-HEI’ emphasising on 3T (short Time, Good Tossing & High Temperature) deliver delicious & consistent quality fried rice using minimal labour. There are 3 type of IH fryer, Auto wok for chains stores, Medium IH fryer for Hotel/food catering and Large IH fryer for Centralized kitchen/Airline catering.

cooking mixer

We offer various type and size of cooking mixer, jacketed and non jacketed type using gas, steam or hot oil as heat source. Typically the compact system consist of a tiltable vessel, equipped with a double jacket. The vessel can be closed hermetically by a pneumatically operated lid. The mixing arm is driven by a shaft through the bottom of the vessel. It is equipped with scrapers following the shape of the wall.

Super heater steamer

We offer various type and size of super heated steamer. The conveyor type allows fast cooking at high capacity. Cooking at high temperature allows food to obtain latent heat instantly and uniformly. The speedy and dry cooking helps to retain food nutrition and juices tastes. The same equipment is multi function and can be used for grilling, cooking, steaming and baking of foods.

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